Monthly Archives: September 2016

2016-2017 KMA Board Elected

Member News     Click here for a list of KMA officers and trustees for the 2016-2017 association year   [small][well]News article reposted from the Kentucky Medical Association page[/well][/small]
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KMA 2016 Final Resolutions

2016-1 KMA Bylaws Amendment – Adopted 2016-2 Limited Service Clinics – Adopted as Amended 2016-3 Telemedicine Payment Parity – Adopted 2016-4 KAPER-1 – Adopted 2016-5 Restrictive Covenants – Adopted 2016-6 Plan for Physician Education and Resources in Treating Addiction – Adopted as Amended 2016-7 Recognition of the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons as an Alternative…
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